Little Sisters of the Poor, No More

Little Sisters of the Poor, No More


Little Sisters of the Poor, No More

There is not a lot of love in Horned Frog nation for The Ohio State University.  Perhaps it started in 2011 when, then, Ohio State President Gordan Gee told the Associated Press that teams like TCU don’t deserve to play for a National Championship because they don’t play anybody. He proclaimed, “we do not play the little sisters of the poor”.  The star-studded Frogs went on to beat the Big Ten’s own Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl that year capping off a perfect season.  Shortly after, 20 billboards in Columbus, Ohio appeared, funded by TCU Alumni. The billroads read Congratulations to TCU for their BCS Rose Bowl Victory, and it was signed, Little Sisters of the Poor.  Former TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte spoke about this at last year’s State of the Frogdom luncheon.  According to Del Conte, it wasn’t long afterwards that an invitation to play arrived in Ft. Worth, postmarked from Columbus Ohio.

We all know that it doesn’t end here.  The 2014 TCU team was arguably the best TCU team ever assembled and possibly the best team in College Football that year.  Most TCU fans firmly believe they would have won the National Championship, if not for one big problem:  The Ohio State Buckeyes. Those Buckeyes stole the 4th and final playoff spot from Ft. Worth.  This was a deep cut that has never fully healed.  So that brings us to Jerry World 2018 and the battle of David vs Goliath.  The massive state school with over 52,000 students vs. the small private school with just under 9,000 undergraduates students. Ticket prices are steep and the stakes are high.

Games like this often come down to venue, coaching, quarterbacks and big plays.  For Ohio State, Arlington is a home away from home.  They won a National Championship here in 2014 and dominated USC on this field last year in the Cotton Bowl.  TCU is the local Texas team and carries a 2-2 Jerry World record.  This one goes to Brutus.

Head Coach Gary Patterson is one of the top coaches in college football.  He is a defensive mastermind and the best in the nation at getting the most out of his players. He has been with TCU since 1998 winning conference championships in Conference USA, Mountain West Conference, and the Big 12 Conference. Patterson will surely have some tricks up his sleeve for the NCAA blue blood Buckeyes. He will face off against the great Urban Meyer and his 3 NCAA National Championship rings.  The Buckeyes also have former NFL head coach Greg Schiano as their defensive coordinator. This is a push.

It’s Shawn Robinson time in Fort Worth. The sophomore and former 4-star recruit has just one start under his belt. It was November 18, 2017 in a storm in Lubbock.  He looked great on a 10-play, 63-yard touchdown drive but finished just 6 of 17 for 85 yards and 84 yards rushing.  He will face off against redshirt sophomore Dwayne Haskins.  Haskins doesn’t have any starts under his belt, but he looked spectacular coming in for an injured JT Barrett and leading the Buckeyes to a comeback victory on the road against rival Michigan last year.  Haskins beat out Joe Burrows this spring which led to Burrows’ transfer to LSU where he is expected to be their starter as a graduate transfer.  Haskins has former 5-star recruit and redshirt freshman, Tate Martell, backing him up.  This one is close, but the edge must go to Ohio State.

This leaves us to big plays. Ohio State has an abundance of former 5-star recruits and future NFL draft picks capable of producing jaw dropping plays. TCU must replace 14 players from last years team who are now on NFL rosters.  The Frogs have the X-factor, though, in crazy legs Kevonte Turpin.

He is, arguably, the best return specialist in college football and has video game type moves in the open field.  Another close call, but the edge goes to Purple.  All eyes will be on Arlington come September 15th! Gordon, we hope you are watching.



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