The Kolby Listenbee Response To ...

The Kolby Listenbee Response To ...

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The Kolby Listenbee Response To ...

Momma always said if you can’t handle the heat then get out of the kitchen. I’m kidding she never said that, I think I heard it on TV, I also don’t call her Momma, but I digress.

Kolby Listenbee just tweeted out his response to our comedic article and boy was he unhappy.

Why does this tweet look weird? Is it fake? Nope! He shortly deleted the tweet after! Not to worry we screen grabbed that bad boy:

It’s called satire. It’s okay.

For someone who has been flaunting himself on TV for the last few weeks, this was strange.

We cop a few well placed jokes and his outrage flares up like my allergies during pollen season. Never in a million years did I think a reaction like this was in the cards, and the subtweeting does not stop there.

I assume this is a threat towards us? Maybe, maybe not, but it was fired off immediately after the other one.

Let’s get serious for a moment – something the Beer Bottle QBs do not do very often – and lay out the facts.

Were you a talented player at TCU? Yes.

Were you beloved and showered with praise by TCU fans while being with the program? Yes.

Was the previous article written complete satire that you way over-exaggerated? Yes.

Are you currently involved in a lawsuit against TCU, Gary Patterson, Rusty Burns, and multiple other members of the TCU community for claimed damages of over $1,000,000? YES!

You are suing not only the university that all TCU fans inherently hold dear, but you are also suing two figures that are beloved by the TCU community. No one doubts that your injury was serious and no one is happy that you got injured; But when you attempt to blame that on every single person you came in contact with at TCU you are not going to draw a great deal of admiration and support.

By taking legal action against those entities you inherently alienate TCU fans, who like any college football fan base are emotionally, financially, and almost to the point of spiritually connected to the program.

Naturally, when you attack that program many of the fans are going to take that as a personal attack. Right or wrong, fans live and breathe college football – just go look on twitter and see how many people get into ridiculous fights over what school is better (Alabama vs. Auburn fans is a personal favorite).

Or, just Google Satire.

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