SBNation Ranked TCU The Most Underrated Football Team of 2014

SBNation Ranked TCU The Most Underrated Football Team of 2014

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SBNation Ranked TCU The Most Underrated Football Team of 2014

SBnation Underrated Teams Rankings

No SH%^ Shirlock, this is the most obvious takes of all time. We should have gone full UCF and named ourselves National Champions for the hatchet job the committee put on that year, and for the SMACK DOWN we put onto the so called “Hottest” team in the ALMIGHTY SEC Lolololol. I have found a few great gifs to refresh your memory below:

Whoops Bo messed up again!

W’ell get em with this trick play………NOPE


The full game if the gifs were not enough to refresh your memory

We all know that this team would have wrecked shop in the playoffs and would have certainly won a national championship. Anybody who had doubts that our loss to baylor was a fluke could simply watch the respective bowl games and see we were clearly the better team. One team one 42-3 and the other coughed up a 21 point lead…………..

Our defense was outstanding that year ranking 6th in the nation in yard per play allowed(anybody who really knows football understands that this is the only real way judge defensive yardage) and 8th in total scoring defense while Ohio State the “National champion” was 25th and 26th respectively. Not to mention our offense was 2nd in the nation in scoring coming in only a measly 1.7 points per game behind Baylor. Ohio State had the 5th best scoring offense in the nation so I will give them credit there, but let’s be real they didn’t see a single team with the speed of TCU’s, and yes I am including Alabama in that list. Their defense ranked only 18th in yards per play and they did it against the 1980’s SEC Offenses.

In the words of Gary Patterson “Speed Baby”

The evidence is clear we should claim 2014 as a National Championship on our record books. UCF rightly claimed the 2017 National Championship, and now the Beer Bottle QB’s are claiming the 2014 National Championship for the Frogs. We will prove our superiority as a program this year when we trounce Ohio State in Arlington this year!


-The Beer Bottle QB’s

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