The BBQB Morning Cup of Coffee: The NCAA Fun Police are Back

The BBQB Morning Cup of Coffee: The NCAA Fun Police are Back

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The BBQB Morning Cup of Coffee: The NCAA Fun Police are Back

This news broke a few weeks ago, but I just had to let it simmer a little before unleashing the beast on Mark Emmert and his minions of trash.

Just when you thought the Gestapo at the NCAA couldn’t get any worse; they hit you with an out right absurd new “Dress Code” for the college football field. This dress code is down right obscene, Catholic School dress codes are not even this strict. The only people who might like this dress code are 80 year old Hardos that hate the spread offense and think the Wing T and Power I are still the preeminent offensive formations. These are the same guys who think football has gone soft and that you need 10 down lineman to stop the run. Well I’ve got news for you buddy, football is FUN now, and we shouldn’t be hampering the uniform creativity of the players I mean who doesn’t love a good crop top:

You can’t even show a little Jersey anymore……

Were you worried about those salacious knees being shown? No need to worry anymore!!!!!!!!

This new dress code seems to be straight out of Karl Marx Communist manifesto! Classic NCAA, just when the players start to do something cool, they come in and F!%& it all up! It’s just like banning celebrations after the 1980’s Miami Hurricanes teams. They can say this is for safety all they want but in reality its just a dictator forcing his will on to his already struggling citizens. Moral of the story is the NCAA governing body is absolute trash and this is simply another piece of evidence. Let’s get #FireMarkEmmert trending because I can guarantee this won’t be his only F%^& up of the season!


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