Blowhards: Laiu Moeakiola will be a head coach if Izaih Filikitonga succeeds. It's true! Jason said so.

Blowhards: Laiu Moeakiola will be a head coach if Izaih Filikitonga succeeds. It's true! Jason said so.


Blowhards: Laiu Moeakiola will be a head coach if Izaih Filikitonga succeeds. It's true! Jason said so.

Georgetown, TX recently in the offices of the Southern command of Killer, we held a roundtable  with a  panel of experts consisting of myself, Kenny,  a stringer for the local news paper The Williamson County Sun, Ron Watson, former weekend weatherman for KCSG in Provo, UT and Jason, a high school kid,  who says he takes journalism classes.

Question:  Looking at the current TCU roster roster of coaches, players and graduate assistants, who do you think is most likely to make the move up the next level as a head coach?

Jason..” Well, dude,  it is obvious as the nose on your face, that would be first year graduate assistant Laiu Moeakiola.  However, that would only come true if true freshman Izaih Filikitonga is successful.  Otherwise, Moeakiola may find himself working part time at Walmart, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I work part-time at Walmart, in the Sports Department and my boss said that in two years I could be assistant night manager.”



Ron Watson…” I agree with Jason, because Pacific Islanders have always worked out well in  at Utah as well as Brigham Young University. They’re great players, fierce warriors and pretty good guys.  Plus, no one does the Haka like them. By the way, we are hiring weather watchers.  Its easy and you get a cool t-shirt to wear when you chase tornadoes.”


Phelan..“Interesting comments, but with Moeakiola being a first year grad assistant, why would the success of Filikitonga dictate his career advancement”?

Jason & Ron Watson..”You can’t leave well enough alone, can you?

Kenny.. “Can I jump in here? you promised me there would be beer and chips for this roundtable and I don’t see no beer.”


Phelan..”Kenny, your mom told me that you can’t have one but offer an opinion and I’ll see what I can do.”

Kenny..” Thanks man. Its clear as drinking water. Last season, I was watching the game between Copperas Cove High School and Georgetown High School. Like they had a great player who made a lot of tackles and the next week his coach got promoted to defensive coordinator. So, next he’ll be a  head coach providing that player keeps doing real good on the field.  That’s how it works. Can I have my beer now?”

Jason.. ” Oh dude, I saw that game!  That guy was  a real ball buster.  Can I say that”?

Phelan.. “Yes but don’t get carried away.  So you are saying that is success or failure of one single player can definitely dictate the career advancement of a coach, no matter if that player was nationally ranked and seemed destined for success at the college level?

Kenny..” I guess.”

Jason.. “Yep. It should”

Ron Watson..“Trust the weatherman.”

Ron Watson

Phelan..” Well guys, this has been informative.I appreciate your valuable insight and expert opinions,..oops..yes Ron?”

Ron Watson..We’ll have a front moving in over the weekend and it should bring in much needed rain with just slight chance of hail and damaging winds.”

Phelan..Thank you Ron









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