The BBQB's Morning Cup of Coffee: Athlon Sports Ranked TCU's Toughest Games of 2018

The BBQB's Morning Cup of Coffee: Athlon Sports Ranked TCU's Toughest Games of 2018

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The BBQB's Morning Cup of Coffee: Athlon Sports Ranked TCU's Toughest Games of 2018

Thank God it’s Friday.

Athlon Sports ranked TCU’s toughest games of 2018, if you havent seen the article you can find it here:

Athlon ranks TCU’s toughest games as:

12. Southern University (Home)

11. Kansas (Away)

10. SMU (Away)

9. Baylor (Home)

8. Iowa State (Home)

7. Texas Tech (Home)

6. Kansas State (Home)

5. Oklahoma State (Home)

4. Texas (Away)

3. West Virginia (Away)

2. Ohio State (Jerry World)

1. Oklahoma (Home)

#12, #11, #10, and #9 I completely agree with. Southern University is a FCS school and a tune up for the beginning of the season, should be a blowout. Kansas is well, Kansas. Kansas doesn’t have the athletes to compete with TCU. SMU lost Chad Morris as head coach who was bringing SMU back from the dead, they replaced him with Sonny Dykes who was previous at TCU. Sonny knows what TCU wants to do on offense but he doesn’t have the athletes on defense to stop it. This SMU game should be close early but we will pull away with ease. Baylor is slowly working their way back from a much deserved dark place, we should continue the tradition of beating them. Baylor Sucks.

#8 I completely 100% disagree with this choice, Iowa State is a good football team with a great head coach. Iowa State beat TCU last year holding the offense to 0 points, Kenny Hill played one of the worst QB games of all time. Seriously, he posted a QBR of 5.3. Yes 5.3. Even with that terrible game Iowa State still was able to pull off a huge upset of TCU and Oklahoma as well. Iowa State is just building on the season they had last year and will be a tough team again.

#7 I disagree with Texas Tech being the 7th hardest game on TCU’s Schedule, I would rank Tech as 8th. Texas Tech replaces their average QB with a worse QB, the defense will be marginally better just because they return some decent players. TCU should handle Tech and their well below average head coach who should have been fired years ago. Yeah I said it.

Kliff Kingsbury

#6 Kansas State should be a little bit higher on list due to the returning players on K-State’s roster. K-State has some good athletes at QB and on the offensive side of the ball. Defense will be good, not TCU good but good. Bill Snyder is one of the greatest college football coaches of all time due to what he has done in Manhattan Kansas, you try and recruit a 18 year old to play football up there. K-State will be good until Snyder decides to hang it up.

#5 OK State should be a lot lower on this list, OK State loses a LOT of talent. Mason Rudolf, James Washington, and Marcel Ateman are all gone to the NFL. Replacing that kind of production is extremely difficult, look for OK State to have a down year.

#4 Texas. Can we all please stop overrating Texas? They haven’t won consistently for 6 years. 4 straight years of losing to TCU. UT is consistently overrated by every “expert” in the business. Somehow every season UT is ranked in the preseason, then they are fighting for that 6th win every year. UT hasn’t won jack sh*t in years, lets all stop saying UT is “back” until they actually beat some good teams. I’m sick of it and so is everyone else.


#3 I agree with this one, West Virginia will be a very good football team and will be a very tough game for TCU. West Virginia will have a GREAT offense and a solid D. This will be a hell of a game for TCU.

#1 and #2 I think should be flipped. I believe simply that OU will be worse this year since they have a 2nd year coach and don’t have a Heisman trophy winner at QB. OU will be a good team and solid on offense and below average on D, but we get them at home later on in the schedule. Ohio State will be a MASSIVE game for TCU. When TCU wins we will be in the conversation for a spot in the playoffs and this win will boost TCU’s confidence heading into the Big 12 Slate. Ohio State is a huge game to prove TCU belongs with the national powers. Gary will have this team ready to run through a wall for this game.

In short I would rank the toughest games as:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Oklahoma
  3. West Virginia
  4. Kansas State
  5. Texas
  6. Iowa State
  7. Oklahoma State
  8. Texas Tech
  9. Baylor
  10. SMU
  11. Kansas
  12. Southern University

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