The BBQB's Morning Cup of Coffee: CBS Ranks Coach Patterson as 6th Best in the Country and That is Far too Low

The BBQB's Morning Cup of Coffee: CBS Ranks Coach Patterson as 6th Best in the Country and That is Far too Low

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The BBQB's Morning Cup of Coffee: CBS Ranks Coach Patterson as 6th Best in the Country and That is Far too Low

CBS Coaches Rankings

Every year CBS does a ranking of all 65 power conference Head Coaches, and this year Coach Patterson is ranked #6 in the nation moving up four spots from last year. This is a nice jump after another great TCU season but let’s be real GMFP is far better than the 6th best coach in the nation. In 2016 ol’ Fornelli (The yearly writer of the rankings) had GMFP ranked at #3 which is much closer to the right spot.

Yes I understand the argument for placing him behind the almighty trio of dominance Saban, Meyer, and Swinney. But Chris Peterson and Jimbo Fisher???????? Give me a break dude.

Fisher had one really good year at FSU where he won a Natty, but overall he  underperformed compared to the talent level he had at FSU. Plus he only has 83 total wins, yes he has that natty and yes he has only been a head coach for 7 years, but if people think he got an upgrade by going to A&M you are surely mistaken. He faces far more recruiting challenges in Texas than he ever did in Florida, and has to play Alabama and his Daddy Nick Saban every year. He has to recruit against Texas, TCU, Houston, Baylor, Tech, and that doesn’t even count the out of state schools with a foothold in Texas high schools including OU, the real OSU, LSU, Arkansas, Bama, Ohio State, Michigan just to name a few. It’s going to be up hill sledding over the next few years and honestly I doubt he does any better than Kevin Sumlin did during his tenure with the Agg’s.

As far as Mr. Peterson goes I see where ol’ Fornelli is coming from, but Gary has 31 more wins and 4 more bowl wins than Peterson including a Rose Bowl win; Something Peterson has yet to make it to in the Pac 12. Also he coaches in the Pac 12 which by far the worst Power 5 conference in existence today. Unless you ask the trash can commentators at ESPN but they will probably also tell you that USC will be in the playoff this year………LOLOLOLOL.

Now we get to the argument for Gary…. yes he hasn’t one a Natty YET, but he is the only Coach on this list, besides Bill Snyder, who has taken a school from the ashes to a powerhouse and he did it in the most competitive football state in the world. It’s no secret that for years TCU has thrived by what the media call hidden gems in recruiting, but the reality is the reason these kids become “gems” is because Gary has become the greatest developer of talent in college football. Yes Saban and Meyer are great developers too, but they develop literally the best recruits. Yes its still a great feat to accomplish what they have accomplised, but its not that hard to develop the BEST high school players in the nation into NFL players. It is THAT HARD to develop the kids no one else wanted into top NFL prospects. And that is why I think Gary should be #1 on this list. He may not be as good of a recruiter as those guys, but as far X + O’s and the ability to develop players he is hands down the best in the nation.

And that’s this mornings cup!

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