147 Things TCU Needs To Do To Win The Big 12

147 Things TCU Needs To Do To Win The Big 12


147 Things TCU Needs To Do To Win The Big 12

147 things that TCU  needs to do to win the Big 12


Former TCU running back coach but Casey, said it best.

” Football is a simple sport.   The offense moves the ball, the defense tries to stop them, one team scores more points, somebody wins, somebody loses and you go on to the next game.”


One of the most profound things that coach Casey also said was that the game is  made way too complicated by people  who tend to over analyze, overthink the game and basically don’t understand what football is all about.


If you think about it, coach was right, it is a simple sport but  in this day and age, everyone is an analyst, even   if you dont’t understand  the basic concept sof the sport and that includes, “reporters” , bloggers,


There are some, whom I’ll call Blowhards, just for the sake of argument, of course,  who simplistically call Captain Obvious for their opinions,  without giving any thought whatsoever, to the circumstances or having knowledge of the game and rarely take into account Coach Casey’s outlook on the game of football.


So am I a football expert or an analyst?   Of course not. What I learned about football, I learned from sitting with people who actually played the sport, people who have coached the sport, and people  who have been around the sport their entire lives. Those people tend  to view the sport in an entirely different perspective than the average fan. They don’t tend  to overcomplicate a sport but tend to look at  football in a simple manner and apply the knowledge that they’ve gained from years of experience, to the situation occurring on the field.

In the future, I’ll be writing more but I won’t pretend to have inside information that I don’t have and  offer opinions that aren’t valid.

And I certainly won’t trying to overcomplicate a very simple sport because my one year of playing high school football really doesn’t count except to allow me bragging rights to running down Clancey Dunnagan  from behind, on his 65 yard jaunt and denying him a TD.


So my advice, to the reporters” analysts” and other self-appointed experts, is to find somebody who actually understands the sport, sit with them  during a game ask questions and learn a few things. If you do, you’ll find a truly is a simple sport where the offense moves the ball, the defense tries stop them,somebody wins and we all go home and play another game at another time.

That’s it for now until next time.




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