The Beer Bottle QB's Friday Happy Hour: May the 4th Be With You

The Beer Bottle QB's Friday Happy Hour: May the 4th Be With You


The Beer Bottle QB's Friday Happy Hour: May the 4th Be With You


The  TCU Football Twitter account struck again today with an epic troll at the expense of The University of Texas.

This tweet hits near and dear to my heart because I am the lone TCU fan in a family full of University of Texas grads. No one likes a little UT trash talk more than me, and the dominance of TCU football(winning 4 straight and 5 of the last 6 against the horns) has given me boat loads of material. I honestly may be disowned if we keep beating Texas.

Even though Texas has certainly not been at their best over the past 6 years, dominating them has still given us a relevancy in the Big 12 that we wouldn’t have achieved any other way. We all know that the frogs have dominated the whole state of Texas in college football over last 15 years, but the national media only started taking notice once we started playing Texas and OU yearly. No matter how you slice it Texas will always be the big dog, they have more money, more fans, and a bigger presence than anyone else in the state, conference, and maybe even the nation. I mean they could go 0-12  and still be in next years preseason top 25. I’m not sure I have ever witnessed a preseason top 25 poll that didn’t have them in it. And I hope the national media keeps doing it because it is great for us every time we beat them! The more we can dominate the top dog, the more national status we will achieve. That means better recruits, more TV time, and a better chance at making it to the playoffs. You know that is truly a phenomenon when the Texas Blogs start covering our tweets:

Link to the Article Here

I really hope Texas is really good this year like 11-1 good, and that one loss is to THE FROGSSSSSS! Playoffs 2k19 here we come!

Now its time for happy hour! Have a beer for the frogs!

See you Monday!

-The Beer Bottle QB’s

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