The BBQB's Morning Cup of Coffee: Dude I Love Beer

The BBQB's Morning Cup of Coffee: Dude I Love Beer


The BBQB's Morning Cup of Coffee: Dude I Love Beer

Today I get to write about something near and dear to my heart, BEER, Ale, Brews, Brewskis, The Sweet Sauce; I could literally go on for hours. The American Beer industry sold over 2.9 Billion cases of beer, 0% of those sales came from the general public at Amon G. Carter Stadium. As most TCU fans know, beer and alcohol is only sold in the “Club Section” of the Carter, which is unfortunate for the majority of fans at TCU football games. People love beer. People love drinking beer during football games especially. It’s American as Sh*t.

If you haven’t read THE BBQB Cup of Coffee article from yesterday go read it; to summarize TCU will now be selling beer at TCU Baseball games for the rest of the season. FINALLY. There is a catch, there will be no coming and going during the game, basically once you are in you can’t leave without buying another ticket to get back in. I feel that this is a trial run to see if TCU can handle selling beer at football games.

Currently at TCU Football games, our fans tailgate and have some good ole fashion fun before the game, but since no beer is sold during the game fans tend to loose the buzz by halftime. Once halftime begins there is a mass exodus of fans heading back to the Tailgate to slam more booze. This results in some “fans” staying at the tailgate and drinking and watching the rest of the game on a TV at the tailgate. Not a good look on National TV when half the stadium is empty during a Big 12 game.

If TCU starts selling beer in the stadium and incorporates the no “coming and going” policy like baseball this will help increase attendance and retention. And not to mention the increase in revenue from beer sales for TCU. Selling beer will increase the atmosphere and also lessen the super drunk guy that pounds 5 Four Loko’s at 10:45 AM for a 11 o’clock game and starts yelling at children. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A (Jonathan Manziel):


TCU, Please start selling beer at football games, all parties will benefit and it will just make for a more fun and lively atmosphere for the game. Just writing this article makes me want to pull out a Coors Light and slug it like I have been lost in the Sahara for 9 months. Us fans have wanted this for a long time and frankly it just makes sense at this point.

I Love Beer, You Love Beer, We all Love Beer. TCU make it happen.

P.S. TCU, If you need tasters for the Beer you know where to find us.


-The Beer Bottle QB’s

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